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Every ingredient that goes into making a bar of our handcrafted soap is specifically chosen for the properties it brings to the finished product. Commercial soaps can leave your skin feeling dried out and dull for many reasons; removal of a naturally occurring humectant, glycerin and the addition of fillers and preservatives to name a few. 

No! At the end of the 4-6 week cure time, all of the lye used to create the soap has undergone what’s called ‘saponification’ or the chemical process to become soap. Absolutely no lye remains in the finished bars of soap. 

• When not in use, place soaps on a well-drained soap dish making sure it gets plenty of fresh air.
• Using a natural wash cloth or loofah will extend its life.
• Use your soaps within 12 months of purchase.
• Store unused soaps in a cool, dark place like a lingerie drawer.

Yes, we usually have one or two varieties of goat milk soap. Our most popular is the Goats & Oats bar!